Vulcan Energy (ASX:VUL)

Dr Francis Wedin – Executive Chairman


We exist to decarbonise the carbon production footprint of lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles by producing a world-first lithium hydroxide monohydrate chemical product with carbon neutral footprint, from our geothermal lithium brine project in the Upper Rhine Valley, Germany.

Lithium chemicals are a critical feedstock for manufacturing the batteries in electric vehicles. To fully electrify our cars with lithium-ion batteries, we need a lot of lithium.

The current main pathway for producing and refining lithium, from hard-rock mines, would emit approximately 1.05 billion tonnes of CO2 to produce the quantity of lithium required to electrify all the world’s passenger vehicles, if the industry went down this path.

Unlike current lithium extraction projects, our Zero Carbon Lithium™ business will incur virtually zero disruption to communities or the environment. This means no large open pit mines, no large, unsightly and water-hungry evaporation ponds, or process plants running on fossil fuels.